A Beltane Story By Sue Wolfson

"I Am Cat"

Iam cat. I sit on the side of the tub and watch the woman bathing. She is the one who loves me and feeds me, and she is my goddess. But now as I watch her rub her body with the soft soapy cloth, I feel strange stirrings that a cat should not have for a human female. Sometimes it seems as if I’m watching her through human eyes, and beneath my cat face is that of a human male watching with me. I am called, “Jim’s Cat”.

The woman purrs in her mind, I can feel her delight in the warm water. The man feels that with me. Who is this man? I have a vague recollection of such a one when I was just a small kitten. Could it be this one called Jim who shares my visions and my senses?

She who bathes, rises from the water, and wraps a towel around her form. Her mind reels.... the heat of the bath has made her dizzy. I follow her as she walks to the bed, and watch as the towel is unwrapped from her human form and spread upon the quilt. I don't understand why this person who seems to also be part cat would enjoy being wet. I'll help her and show her my affection at the same time.

In one leap, I’m on the bed.... I see the droplets of water on her breasts and belly. The man sees them with me. My tongue laps at those droplets. The water tastes of her. What are these strange feelings I feel?
She is thinking of him... I’m deep within her mind, privy to her most private thoughts. I feel the longings of both of them. And I know that someday soon I will have both of these humans close to me, and they will be grateful that I allowed them these moments to be together when being together was impossible. The word, “familiar” comes into my mind, but I don’t know what its meaning might be. I am cat.