A Tale of One Kitty
Poof’s Tale

This is the tale of a little cat named Poof. It began 16 and a half years ago, when I was 8 months pregnant, and my ex husband and I went for a walk in Thompson Park in Jamesburg. It was very hot, up in the 90s, and we knew a real hike was out of the question. However, we went over to the sign with the map of the park, to see if we could walk a little in shade. To our horror, we heard a kitten meowing loudly near the dumpster.

We thought she was in it!

Fortunately, this was not so. A funny looking little kitty came bounding up to us as fast as her tiny legs would carry her. She had a meow all out of proportion to her 6- 7-week-old size, and sounded like a siren. We picked her up and she snuggled and cried. So did I, for how could some bastard dump a kitten that young out in the middle of nowhere, where a fox or owl could eat her? No mother cat nor other kittens were present, and her friendliness was a clue that she was not a feral, but a victem of deliberate abandonment.

We were outraged.

We gave her water and the meat from our sub sandwiches. While she was climbing all over us, she fell off my ex husband's shoulders and bellyflopped in the dirt with a loud POOF! We named her on the spot.

Little did we know she had claimed us as well as us claiming her.

We took her home, we took her back and forth to the vet’s, we quarantined her in the garage for several weeks while she was wormed and inoculated, and eventually we introduced her to our other two cats, Sassy and Freyja, may they now both rest in Bast’s arms in peace. Soon, we also introduced her to our newborn son, Sean, and we began our journey through life together.

Poof got along well with everybody. She was bottom cat on the kitty totem pole, but the others loved and played with her. She and my son tried clumsily to play with each other, too, as baby and kitten grew. Even now, he and she have a special bond.

Poof survived two more disasters in her life. Once she got out and was mauled by an unknown animal. Had she not had rabies shots, we would have had to surrender her to euthanasia. As it was we had to do an in-house quarrantine in a cage for 6 months, with a list of rabies symptoms to watch for, and a threat from the state that if they inspected and she was out, they would shoot her on sight. She made it. She also was once accidentally locked in the landlady’s garage with her potted plants while the landlady cleaned out the greenhouse, and ate one of them, which poisoned her. She staggered out, foaming, and I had to take her to the vet's for emergency treatment. Again, she made it.

Eventually we moved to a house in South River. The marriage ended. Sassy died, and another cat, Max, joined my household. Freyja also passed on, like Sassy, from advanced age (both were 17). Max, unfortunately, suffered kidney failure, and had to be euthanized, at 8 and a half.

Poof walked the halls and stairs each night and cried for each of them. She also cried with me during my divorce, and health problems. She was that kind of an empathic cat. She also brought her stuffed toy mousies and dropped them in bed next to my face, endlessly. Whenever I have troubles, she comes to me, taps me with a paw, and sits with me and stares into my eyes and purrs loudly. Cat Reiki, anybody? Her latest conquest is to get people to turn the tap on in the bathroom sink.

We now have a young cat Toby, who is a brat, and yet she has gotten him to kiss and lick her when she tilts her head. She greets everybody with a purr, a kiss, and an upturned tail. Even the vet.

Right now Poof is 16 and a half, and has a small mammary tumor. I got the pre-op bloodwork done for her, and it came back that she is healthy enough to survive surgery. All I need, Bast willing, is to raise money enough - $200-300 (I’m still negotiating) to get it done. She’s ready.

This cat is my special friend. And special in her own right. She is teaching me new things about love. Can you help her with me? If so, may Bast Bless you and your kitties!!!



From Carol: Poof made it! She survived the surgery (which i gave permission to be more extensive than originally planned (radical mastectomy all along the teat/nipple line on one side, as opposed to a simple lumpectomy), did well, and is resting comfortably at the vet's. She will be staying overnight, and coming home tomorrow!!! - Many thanks to y'all, to the Goddens, and to the vet, dr Slade, for making this mini miracle possible!!!

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