The Passion Of The Poof

All I can say, is, WOW!

Everybody came through, both Deities and people! When I took Poof to the vet’s for the surgery, and did the final count for the money we had raised plus what my son Sean and I put in, we came to a total of 391$. The bill, agreed upon for a simple lumpectomy, was 388$. Talk about cutting it close! Now, I had noticed, the night before the surgery, that Poof had developed a secondary tumor, and a pinhead sized third one, all close to the first. Yipes! NOT GOOD!!! Drastic measures would have to be taken to ensure success.

I had the vet examine the lumps, and then gave permission for a radical mastectomy to be done. In cats, this is a much more invasive and involved surgery. He would have to take out all of the mammary glands on one side, along the nipple line. I figured, we had gone this far, and it would be stupid, in light of the ominous and fast spread of the original tumor, to do any less. I figured it would be another hundred dollars, maybe, and I would try to sell another drum and/or a leather jacket if it was more. Either way, I was prepared for what might happen. (Or so I thought…famous last words….)

The night before the surgery, I had posted to some of the Goddess Bast E-groups on Yahoo, asking for arcane aid for Poof, and several kind people came through with prayers, candle spells and long distance Reiki healings, on top of what all of us here at GOG were doing. At one point near midnight we actually felt the energy come through, since I had told my House Guardian Deities to let it through when it came. Poof’s eyes bugged and ears twitched, she jumped into the cat box and vomited, then ran out and jumped in my lap. We both grounded, and settled down. So did our brown male housecat, Toby, who had been sitting vigil next to Poof’s cage with us. I went to sleep on the bed, but later in the night Poof yelled from the cage that she was lonely, so I put a pillow on the floor and a blanket, and slept next to her and Toby.

Now, back to the vet’s. I dropped Poof off, and went home to wait. I had a white candle to Bast burning and a spell of my own in progress. I got on the phone with my girlfriend Pat, who is a breast cancer survivor, and we talked. I felt no bad ripples in The Force, so I was calm.

Around 3 o’clock, I phoned for results.

Praise Bast! Praise all the other helpful Goddens! Poof had not only survived, she was doing well and resting comfortably. I called again around 7 and she was warming up and perking up. They said that I could pick her up the next day, call first. Which I did.

Sit down: What happened next was a miracle, plain and simple. When I got there, not only was Poof all perked up and happy (and not just from the painkillers), but the extra add-on to the bill, which I had sorely underestimated, had gone up to an incredible 650.93$, (not counting the subtotal of 388.62$, which I’d already paid) AND HAD BEEN WRITTEN OFF AS A CHARITY SURGERY BY THE VET!!!

OMFGs!!! <Sound of mind exploding!!!>
Dr. Slade needs to be canonized as a Grove Saint. My mind is still reeling, trying to wrap itself around the enormity of what has happened. I had told him before the surgery about all the things we had done to raise the money for Poof, and all the prayers, etc, but I never would have believed that THIS was possible, I am so massively flipped out! I read the paperwork and thought I was hallucinating!

Right now, Poof looks like hell, all shaved and stitched and on antibiotics, but she is home now, alive and well, and howling for attention. We made it, she, and I and all of you. In two weeks, the stitches come off, and a new beginning happens for her. THANK YOU, EVERYBODY!!!

With love, Carol