Greetings GOG ADF member

Hey kids, let have an election! Yes, it's time for what will hopefully
become GOG's tri-yearly election for officers.

Right now what we're asking for is people interested in running for the
offices available that are listed below.
If you're interested in running please send an e-mail saying what office
you're interested in running for and giving a brief (100 words or less) statement
about why you want the position.
Candidate statements must be received no later than
October 6th to be included in the ballot.

We expect to be sending the ballots with candidate statements out by
October 13th. You will be asked to return the ballots by November 3rd
**by US snail mail** so voting will be anonymous.

All office terms are for 3 years.
Newly elected folks will take office at Samhain.
You must be a current paid-up ADF member with Grove of the
Other Gods listed as your Grove affiliation to vote or to run for office.

E-mail us at

Offices up for election:

Senior Druid
currently in the position: Norma Hoffman
-Oversee or run the eight major holiday rituals. Coordinate the running
of the major holiday rituals and, if necessary, ask for volunteers for
the position of Druid in Charge. The SD should not be running all eight
rituals themselves.
-Oversee or run the pre-ritual briefings for each of the eight major
holidays. Coordinate the assignment of ritual roles, before and during
the pre-ritual briefing, or assign a Druid in Charge to do so.
-Oversee and host the eight major holiday rituals and workshops or ask
for volunteers to do so in their place.
-Oversee the Dedicants program meetings or appoint a volunteer to do so.
Create and distribute homework assignments for the Dedicants group.
Organize new Dedicants groups when necessary.
-Provide clergy counselling for members of the Grove. This is an
important part of the SD position but the performing of this duty should
not interfere with the SD's personal or work life. Time management
skills are very necessary for the sanity of the SD.
-It is the SD's responsibility to fill out Grove reports and quarterly
paperwork necessary for the national organization. Also any other
paperwork required by ADF national is the SD's responsibility to fill
out or delegate another member to do so.

Pursewarden (Treasurer)
currently in the position: Xuk
-Keep track of the amount of money in the GOG treasury.
-Provide amount of income and outgo for each quarter to the Pursewarden
or SD for the quarterly ADF national paperwork.
-Organize raffles and other fundraising events to put money into GOG's
-Keep a straight face while talking about being the Pursewarden of such
a paltry amount of cash.

currently in the position: Ed Chapman
-Write reports on each of the eight major holiday rituals and all
workshops. If Scribe cannot attend a ritual or workshop they may appoint
someone who will be at the event to do the writeup for them. Writeups
should include a full list of who took what parts, an overview of the
character and feeling of the ritual and a listing of the omens and their
interpretation. (This should be more like a newspaper report than a
personal report, although personal feelings and reactions can be
included, with discretion.)
-Keep account of dates and times of all rituals and workshops and other
events, and the number of attendees. This is necessary for the quarterly
Grove reports to ADF national.
-Assist the SD in filling out quarterly paperwork and Grove reports for

currently in the position: nobody
-Know the standard Grove songs and be able to teach and lead the songs
by singing them clearly.
-Assist the SD or Druid in Charge during the pre-ritual briefing by
knowing the position of the songs in the ritual and prompting the
*rehearsal* of them at the appropriate points.
-Assist the SD or Druid in Charge during the ritual by knowing the
position of the songs in the ritual and prompting the *singing* of them
at the appropriate points.

E-mail us at

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