Greetings GOG ADF members

Election results! (and you're saying, hey I didn't even vote...)

Yup, that's right. We had three incumbents and one new member all
running unopposed for our officer positions this year so they're all
elected by default.

Here's how the GOG officer lineup stands as of Samhain 2003:

Senior Druid: Norma Hoffman
Scribe: Ed Chapman
Pursewarden: Xuk Shupe
Bard: Jenne Micale

Our only new officer is Jenne as bard. Yay having an official Bard!
Thanks Jenne!

This election was entirely too easy. Wait until the next one three years
from now when all the incumbents may decide to retire...

Bright Orange Hallowe'en Blessings,
norma, SD, GOG, ADF, etc.