Greetings Grove of the Other Gods Druids
and other interested Pagans and friends!

The Rutgers University Religion Students Association
and the Rutgers University Pagan Students Association
are presenting
a lecture on
by the ArchDruid Emeritus and Founder
of ADF Druidry

in the Atrium Conference Room
at the Rutgers Student Center
on College Ave. in New Brunswick, NJ
on Tuesday, 2/28/2006
from 8pm to 10pm.

The lecture is free.
We encourage all to attend!

Isaac got many of us started on our Pagan Druid paths;
he is an engaging speaker with a solid knowledge
of both contemporary and historical Druidry.

Don't miss this special appearance by Isaac Bonewits
at Rutgers in New Brunswick!

For directions, E-mail: