Our talented and inspired GOG Bard, Jenne, (Kwannon), has announced that her second solo album, "Anahata," is finally available in digital format (meaning you can download it) from Woven Wheat Whispers, a British digital label/distributor. It features the lovely cover art of GOG member Jack Parra.

Woven Wheat Whispers writes: "This is music of another time, the beating tribal skin drums, the resonating string patterns, the soaring vocals all call to a time long ago of the imagination. It is impossible to compare it to anyone, really, as it is personal and unique. As much medieval early music as it is modern, as much pagan song as it is psychedelic, it is 'wyrd folk', the folk music we cannot truly define but feel deeply."

Read more and download at http://www.wovenwheatwhispers.co.uk/Label-Review-Kwannon.htm In the meantime, her last CD "Clear Star" is still available: CLICK HERE for a review (and link for purchase!)

Our Bard, Jenne Micale's website, where you can order her cds: "People can now order CDs directly from me, including the new one. It's www.kwannon.net. It includes an explanation and photos of some of the strange instruments I use."