From Blue, the president for the Rutgers University Pagan Student Association (RUPSA or RU Pagans, for short). 9/1/2005

I received this message from another mailing list I'm on (Middlesex County Freecycle). I usually don't post things that aren't strictly related to RU Pagans; however, I feel that any way the devastation from Katrina can be healed is important. If you can't volunteer time, please consider donating to the Red Cross. (For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Perth Amboy is a short drive away from New Brunswick, NJ.)

The city of Perth Amboy has has so graciously opened up their hearts to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They will be taking in evacuees and providing housing for them. The evacuees will be housed in an apartment building that was previously closed. The 100 apartments will need to be cleaned, painted and furnished.

(BTW: the renovation of the Perth Amboy apartments is now completed, they no longer need volunteers to paint and clean, however, they could still use donations of new furniture and appliances, or those in excellent condition- 9/15/2005)

So...if you can donate a few hours to help clean and paint or donate some items to help furnish the apartments, the people effected by Katrina and the city of Perth Amboy would be forever grateful. The person coordinating this effort is Rosemary at the Perth Amboy Housing Authority. Her phone number is (732) 826-3110.