Sisters and Brothers, I would like to suggest that all members of ADF, whether solitary or groved, take some time out to ask the Gods' blessings on the survivors, both human and animal, of the recent hurricane and the subsequent flooding.

Some Pagans are organizing coordinated prayer on this Friday at 8:30pm, all local times around the globe. Let's join them in asking the Shining Ones to give the survivors strength, courage, luck, and hope -- and to give, additionally, vision and wit to the rescuers.

And then make a donation to the Red Cross and the Humane Society rescue fund. . Let them know that you're Druids and you care.

The HS will have a special "Hurricane Fund" link on their website's front page (left hand side) in a day or two. In the meantime, you can use their regular donation links and include a note to put it in the fund.

In fact, I will think of a special award to give to the two groves, guilds, SIGs or other groups within ADF that make the largest donation to these two causes before the Fall Equinox.

Millionaires should make separate donations, so as not to skew the contest. :)

bright blessings, Isaac