Just wanted to let people know what the PPD organization is doing to help
Katrina's victims.

> August 31, 2005
> Contact:
> Dagonet Dewr, Executive Director
> 317.979.2183
> In response to the devastation inflicted on Louisiana,
> Mississippi, Alabama, and other states in the wake of
> Hurricane Katrina, the Pagan Pride Project will encourage
> Pagan Pride events worldwide to collect money for disaster relief.
> As part of the "Mardi Gras In September" campaign, Pride
> events are encouraged to do any or all of the following
> initiatives to help Katrina's victims:
> 1) Put out donations jars for the American Red Cross;
> 2) Offer Mardi Gras beads for a donation to the ARC, as above;
> 3) or hold "Mardi Gras In September" fundraisers to collect money.
> "In many ways, New Orleans and Mardi Gras are the closest
> that Americans have to a true Pagan festival, and when you
> combine that with the suffering over so many other locations,
> it seems only appropriate that we step up at this time and do
> what we can," says Pagan Pride Project Executive Director
> Dagonet Dewr. "Differences in faith, creed, race, sexuality,
> and social class are swept away when most people have only
> the clothes on their back."
> Over the last eight years, Pagan Pride events worldwide have
> collected almost $80,000 and over thirty tons of food and
> goods for food banks, shelters, and local charities. For the
> Katrina effort, the Pagan Pride Project is asking for
> monetary donations only, respecting the wishes of the Red
> Cross and other hurricane relief agencies.