Greetings GOG members and friends!

This message was sent out on ADF's e-mail announcement board:
Please join us this coming Sunday, September 11, 6:00 p.m. EDT (3:00 p.m.
PST) to honor the memories of those lost to Hurricane Katrina and send
energy to all those struggling in its wake. We would like to encourage as
many people as possible to worship together at the same time across the
continent, to send prayers, blessings and positive energy to those who need
it the most.

We have begun posting prayers and liturgies that can be used by individuals
and groups (follow the links from the main page at HYPERLINK,
and we encourage everyone to add to this collection and use
what seems meaningful to you. If you can get together with your grove or
other individuals to worship, please do so; or you can do a simple blessing
rite on your own, or simply take a few minutes at 6 p.m. EDT next Sunday to
pray, remember and send hope.

Here's what GOG is doing:
At 6pm on Sunday September 11th we will start a simple rite at GOG
central (aka Ed and Norma's house, in front of the altar)
by 6:15 the Gates will be open. They will remain open until 8pm.
We encourage you to use all or any part of this time and use our open
Gates (or open your own) to talk with your Kindred and Deities and ask
for help and hope for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and peace for
the victims, in your own way.

This is a do-it-yourself ritual and we're hoping for enough
participation throughout ADF to perhaps make a little difference.
Please don't show up at Ed and Norma's house. They'll be meditating on
keeping the Gates open and immediately after that they'll be working!
Thanks for your help

Norma and Ed

ps: This is not a substitute for donating to charities who are helping
the Katrina survivors! Click here for places to donate if you can,
and start saving change for the Fall Equinox ritual day Katrina Aid Raffle
to win a fabulo
us Mardi Gras Cthulhu!