Tracy's Local Hindu Links:

To check out hindu practice in our area is a no-brainer. (a) ancient indo-european polytheist practice (it was all invented here folks) (b) influx of southern asian immigrants to NJ and migration of outsourced jobs over there (It's in your town, and affecting your life, folks)

After reading the first site I am more convinced than ever, that Neopaganism is influenced by Hinduism even more directly through the sequence
Raj period--increased translations--Blavatsky and Golden Dawn-->.

More materials I have read emphasize that it's OK for interested observers to reverently attend a puja. I will let you know when I have the guts to do this (probably soon as some prominent holidays are coming up)
Here's an intro to Hindu beliefs and practices written by Hindus for beginners:
Here's a list of Hindu temples in NJ:
Here's a bunch of other Hinduism links (without popups)