by Deborah Castellano

Like almost everything it was easier to say
I was caught and it wasn't my fault
Elaborate lies flowed out from my mouth
And you believed me
Because you wanted to
It was easier
Easier to believe that
Than the slow swan's death you were giving me
Under your care
Your little girl looked at him with those eyes
The sirens had taught me
And he was mine
And I hopped onto the back of his ride when he said,
Come away with me and I will show you things
That you dared not believe

He was tall with raven winged hair
All broodylike
Like the way I liked them
And we drank champagne and laughed on his
Big black satin bed
And he did show me things I dared not believe
Because I wanted him to
And when you ask, baby, why are you so sad all the time
I say it's because of him
And it is
Because I miss him so and I was dying
in this thing you called life
Like broken clockwork
Every six months
Because it was never mine.