Hello GOG members and friends!

We're postponing tomorrow's Yule celebration (12-19-2009) due to the severe winter weather warning in this area.
Here in New Brunswick, we're supposed to have windy, white-out driving conditions, and 6 inches or more of snow. That's supposed to be starting mid-afternoon. (Yes, they could very well be wrong and we'll feel silly about cancelling, but many of you have a long drive to get here and we're more concerned about your safety than having a Yule ritual in December.)

The new date for GOG's Yule ritual is Saturday, January 2nd!

Mark your calendars. We'll be sending out invitations and asking for RSVPs all over again, since some people who couldn't get to the postponed ritual date during the holiday rush may be able to attend the new one.

May you have a bright and wondrous Yule!

Blessings and hugs

ps: As of now, we're still on for Monday's Solstice dawn ritual on the beach in Point Pleasant, NJ. You know you want to stand on the beach in the snow and freezing cold and watch the Solstice sunrise with us, right? There's still time to RSVP!