March 24 2012: Spring Equinox Ritual to Manannan

30 attended GOG's Spring Equinox Ritual at Portal of the Porcupine on March 24th: 24 GOG members and 6 guests. The ritual, organized and led by Malcolm, honored our Grove Patron, Celtic Sea God and Gatekeeper Manannan Mac Lir, in His role as Shapeshifter, and involved change, interpretive movement, and liminal spaces. We played a bit with the ritual format, opened the gates early and by stepping over a ribbon, and the ritual was trancy, otherworldly. The kindreds and fire, tree, and well were invoked with movement. Ed, Malcolm, and Jen invoked Manannan. The day was cloudy, but the clouds broke and the sun came out during the praise offerings.
Our omen consisted of three spontaneous questions: "Are you insane? Who are you? What do you want?" The answers to those questions constituted each individual's personal omen. We also blessed our grove well and added water from everyone's favorite city, stream, river, or ocean, with water added from France, Hawaii, Iceland, and Canada, as well as lots of local water. Many thanks to Bob & Norma for taking care of kitchen duties. Later, we participated in Portal of the Porcupine's Ostara Rite, which featured a play with Spring Maiden and Frost Giant. Lots of good food, good fellowship, and good conversations around the fire!