11 grove members participated in the Yule planning meeting and puppetmaking workshop. We made paper bag puppets for the Bran story from the Mabinogi, the ritual parts, and 36 sock puppets of ravens, so everyone at Yule had a raven sock puppet to caw and heckle with at appropriate and inappropriate moments. An amazing amount of awen went into creating these fantastic ritual images of Gods and creatures!
His sister Branwen
"O Woe is Me."
Manannan Mac Lir,
Brother of Bran and Branwen
Matholwch, her husband, the King of Ireland
Bran - King of Britain, with removable head
Bran whose severed head talked to us throughout the play and ritual

half brother of Bran and Branwen; a British soldier.

Kind of like Winston Churchill?

Making the ravens

"Someone shot an arrow in my foot! Now you have to cut my head off!"
"Is it just me, or did that statement make no sense at all?"
"No, really, it's a mythological thing...."

The White Tower of London
Cauldron of rebirth with Irish soldiers
Paper bag puppets and sock puppets by Trisha, Bob, Maria Raven, Patty, Hillary, Jenniforensic, Sandrock, Nora, Annie, Ed, and Norma.

The Cast of the Play:

Bran: James
Branwen: Peg
Matholwch: Chuck
Manannan: Patty
Efniessin: Marc
Narrator: Jenniforensic
Irish sacks of flour: Sean and Bob
Druid wedding officiant: Nora
Passing Time: Kristen
Cawing and Heckling Ravens: Everybody


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