We also performed the ADF Druid ritual with paper-bag puppets doing all the invocations. We believe that we are the first grove ever to do this. Always on the cutting edge, GOG.
More scenes from the planning meeting / puppet workshop:
Fire! Heh!
Earth Mother
Fire! Heh!
Nature Spirits
Manannan Ancestors

People who did invocations during the Yule ritual:

Opening chime: Greg
Opening statement: Norma
Earth Mother: Sue
Statement of purpose and introduction to Bran's head: Norma
Bran's head: Jenniforensic
Meditation: Norma
Directions: Ed
Well: Xuk
Fire: Trisha and Annie
Tree: Jack
Manannan Mac Lir as Gatekeeper: Patty
Open gates: Norma
Outsiders: Daphne
Brigid: Sharon
Ancestors: Deb Sandrock
Nature Spirits: Lauren
Gods and Goddesses: Deb
Bran as Main Deity: Jenniforensic
Praise: Various People
Omen: Bran spits out ogham; Ed interprets- Nuin, Saille, Ur, and Eadha.
Catechism of the Waters: Norma
Passers-out: Chuck, Bob, and Greg
Pourers: Annie, Daphne, and Carol
Thank Yous: Norma
End Rite: Norma

Amazing Kitchen Witch: Deb

On the flip side: Gods

Paper bag puppets and sock puppets by Trisha, Bob, Maria Raven, Patty, Hillary, Jenniforensic, Sandrock, Nora, Annie, Ed, and Norma.


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