December 2010 -- GOG's Loki Universal Tricksters Ritual -- Muse Invocation

Poem: Hermes as Bard

By Blue

What is a word--

What is a word but a reaching out,
A sound, a symbol,
A strand connecting Self and Other
Not you and me but we

Two roads converged, two lonely lines
No longer bound into this route, that avenue,
But mingled, paintless pavement
Both and Something Else

And there He is

With whizzing charisma
And frictionless diction
At home on Olympos or crossing the Styx and
Who could refuse him?

The liminal criminal
Slick son of a nymph
The perverse, the imp;

Silvery sight of a meteorite
Beginning and ending, in medias res,
The context, no conflicts
Bargaining with Death
Cajoling the Sky Father
Consorting with mortals
Patron of portals
And lyre-bound liar

Always suited for a turn,
Burning but unburned
The messenger, unshot,
Dodging slings and arrows
Outrageous and fortunate

So take your velvet rope and hang yourself
Because together we go anywhere