"We're burning a boat! Who's DIC-ing, I'm coming!"
(roughly paraphrased response to Yule invite)

"My great grandfather did this, and by god I'm going to set fire to something too."

"They had blue capes... and very shiny axes."

"We're giving him a flaming funeral."
"- and cruise tickets."

"We could put a goat on the boat-" (contemplating)
"A goat on the boat?!" (excited)
"Let's burn a goat on the boat!" (joyful)

"It's quarter after, we are probably who we are going to be."

"And I love how they describe the fireworks like fine wine."

"I mean, I did the main invoke for Yule last year, I don't want to steal anyone's Yule thunder."

"Distant, snobby - Annie, you got this."
"Oh my god."
"I think I better put my coat back on."
"I know where you sleep."
"Remember, I'm right next to her, so please be careful - aim to the right."

"It's a drive by mummer's play."

"I finally dropped the mistletoe in her crotch and I had to fish it out...well, it's a fertility ritual."

"-St. George kills the dragon."
"This has a high body count."
"Is this the Quentin Tarantino version of Yule?"

"Do you want to be one of the swordsmen & /not/ get killed this time?"

"Unless you want another part, because you're not getting away without a part."

"He's the turning point. He turns the wheel." (re: saucy Jack)

"The Grinch."
"That cold medicine must be really good."
"People who are too straight laced, shoelaces!"
"I don't know if it's good for her, but it's certainly good /to/ her."
"I want shoelaces!"

"We need someone grumpy and thought of you."
"Okay, you tell him."

"Oh my god, does St. George usually wear a helmet?"
"Yes, yes he does."
"And you get to kill two things."
"It's a good day!"

"Chaos, cold medicine and shoelaces, our work here is done."

"Mince pie is going to be-"
"Easy as pie?"
"Where's my sword?"
"You don't get one."
"That is unfortunate."

"Errands for the week: get a tiny straw goat, make a tabard."

"I'm sure I have some clothes I can make look jester-y - just no colors."

"Kerry needs wings that flap."

"Whoever's not coming back can go back to their seat and die."

"Audience participation is required, move your ass back."

"Die correctly or it's permanent."